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Kovar Single Clad Copper

Kovar Single Clad Copper Bond Pads

COINING’s Kovar Single Clad Copper Bond Pads are used in high-reliability applications. Within the clad contains two different pieces, and the substrate in the middle. Kovar is the substrate with a thin copper clad layer. The copper (bottom) layer  is used to solder to a circuit board. The Kovar layer is used to attach a bond wire, typically stainless-steel or gold wire. Our Kovar Single Clad Copper Bond Pads are the intermediary piece to attach to both the wire and the circuit board.
  • Solderable on one side
  • Laserwire bondable on the other side
  • High reliability
  • Biocompatible
  • Durable
  • Environmental resistance
  • Visual differentiation between top and bottom
  • Ease of automated packaging
  • Cost effective
  • Flexibly made in different shapes and sizes  
Material Specification

Kovar:  Mil-I-23011 or ASTM F-15
Copper:  CDA 101/102


Dimensions:  0.025 inches by 0.25 inches minimum up to 1 inch by 1 inch square
Thickness:  0.005 inches up to 0.020 inches overall

Kovar Single Clad Copper

  • Implantable devices
  • RF/ Microwave
  • Aerospace

How it’s made

Our Kovar Single Clad Copper Bond Pads are made through the cladding process. after completion of the cladding, the stamping process, resulting in the finished product.

Metal Bond Pads Brochure Download