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COINING can make any design for a custom part a reality. Our fully equipped tool die department has wire EDM capability. This brings craftsmanship and modern technology together to satisfy your every need. All dies and tools are custom-made in-house. A new tool takes 2-4 weeks to create depending on the complexity of the part.
We have over 15,000 tools to make your custom designs. Our tools are durable, precise, and custom-made to create high-performance and high-precision components of any shape and size. Our standard tooling list is available upon request.

ToolingOne of our tool storage rooms, equipped with thousands of tools

Our tooling process consists of the tools and dies that will be used to cut and shape the metal. The tooling is specifically designed for the part that is being manufactured and must be precise. This allows us to be in control of the design process of the parts, which means you indicate the tolerances required, special shapes and materials, and we ensure the parts meet your needs.

Tooling ProcessCustomized tool optimized for design flexibility