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Bio-Implantable Composite Materials BCM

Bio-Implantable Materials

We supply cladded metal composites that improve the performance of electronic implantable devices. COINING has over 100 years of combined metallurgical expertise in verifying and measuring the composition of these materials. Our materials are biocompatible, durable, and of the highest quality.
What Are the Benefits of BCM’s? 

•  Longer-lasting battery charge and wireless charging
•  Higher reliability of implantable devices
•  Biocompatibility and corrosion resistance 

Our alloying process consists of alloying high performance metals such as Titanium and Gold as well as Kovar and Copper. These alloys are key to delivering strength, electrical conductivity, and biocompatibility
Current Suite of Composites includes
Composite  Characteristics 
Material A
Material B
Ti D/C Au Ti: high strength; 
Au: electrical 
Charging Antenna: 
cardiac rhythm, urology
Ti D/C Ag Ti: high strength; 
Ag: electrical 
Charging Antenna: 
cardiac rhythm
Ti D/C Cu Ti: high strength; 
Cu: electrical 
Charging Antenna: 
cardiac rhythm
Kovar®S/C Cu Kovar®: weldable; 
non-wetting for solder 
Cu: solderability; 
electrical conductivity
Bond Pads: next gen 
pacemakers and 
Kovar® P/W Ni 
and Au
Kovar®: high reliability; 
low CTE1
Ni/Au layers:
Cardiac Rhythm
Nb/Au weldment Nb: biocompatibility  Au: weldability Cardiac Rhythm
Kovar® D/C Ni 
D/C Au
Kovar®: high reliability; 
low CTE1;non-wetting 
for solder 
Ni/Au: solderability; 
wire bondability 
Cardiac Rhythm 
 Au/Au plated Ni 
wire weldment
Au/Au plated: high 
electrical conductivity 
Ni wire weldment:
corrosion resistance/ 
electrical signal 
cancer treatment 
 Pure Metals
 Au Pacemaker assembly 
 Ti  -  -  Numerous applications

S/C: Single Clad. D/C: Double Clad. P/W: Plated With.

We specialize in manufacturing our metallic microstampings to the tightest tolerances and the thinnest measurements in the industry.

• Puck: 0.020 inches diameter (500 microns) at a thickness of 0.003 (75 microns)
• Bond Pad: 0.040 diameter (1 millimeter)
• Antennae: ½ inch by ½ inch, 1-inch overall size
• Au disc0.020 inch diameter x 0.006 inch thickness
• Niobium Pin0.017 inch diameter x 1.325 inch long with nailhead size of 0.028 inch diameter 0.0075 inch thickness

Thinnest measurements in the industry

BCM - Microstampings

Our Cladded high quality metals and micro stampings are custom-engineered to deliver industry leading properties for medical device manufacturers including:

  • High corrosion resistance to body chemistry
  • Excellent physical strength
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Wireless charging with RF/wireless components
  • Improved performance of implantable devices
BCM Applications Include

Implantable electronic components for the human body must be biocompatible and durable. Our metallic composite materials enhance the overall performance and reliability of implantable devices. Applications include:

  • Pacemakers
  • Cardiac Rhythm Management
  • Defibrillators
  • Neuromodulation
  • Charging Antennas
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment
  • Urology
Problem Solving

Our products are utilized in applications that enable long-lasting charge in a range of different devices. BCM’s resolve the need for a replaceable battery. BCM’s also fix the issues of an increased operation life and premature device failure.

Deep Brain Simulation ( DBS )

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