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COINING’s high performance and high-quality products go into precision lasers. These lasers are in used in industrial, medical, telecommunication industries. Specifically, our products are found in the circuit board, the laser diode within a package, and the power supply. COINING’s products also enable high-power connections and strong attachments within the device and overall laser.

Photonics - COINING
Our products enable ultra-fine precision prototyping and manufacturing in the Photonics market. COINING’s microelectronics create high-power connections for the power supply circuitry for the overall laser device.

Our Products and Applications

Gold Bonding Wire

Gold Bonding Wire/Ribbon
Creates a strong attachment from I/O leads to the laser die within the device 

Brazing preforms

Braze Preform Utilized to build the structure of the laser diode within a package

Solder Preform

Solder Preform
Used to attach the dies to the circuit board within a laser

Metal Microstamping

Metal Microstampings Used as heat sinks within the laser package

Copper Core Connect Bond Pads

Copper Core Connect Bond Pads
Enables a high-power connection for the power supply circuitry for the overall laser

Copper Plated With Nickel Plated With Gold

 Copper Plated with Nickel Plated with Gold Bond Pads  Connects the power supply circuitry for the overall laser
World-class reliability:
Our precision components are designed and manufactured with the highest quality. Providing our customers with reliable, high-performance, and high-precision materials when only the best will do.
Production flexibility:
Our engineers understand your need for a speedy process and reliability. Whether you’re designing the prototype for your industry-leading innovation or pushing forward to full-scale production, COINING is your partner in cost-effective, efficient manufacturing.

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