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Lab Services

AMETEK Coining technician uses a Zeiss scanning electron microscope with AMETEK EDAX silicon drift detector to perform laboratory analysis.
COINING has completed A2LA accreditation and now offers analytical laboratory and failure analysis services. Reference A2LA Certification # 4129.01

COINING has operated an in-house analytical laboratory for many years, supporting the manufacture of solder and braze preforms, as well as stamped metal parts. The analyses are an important element of the manufacturing quality system, and ensure that the products conform to customer specifications. 

Our industry leading analytical laboratory is staffed with experienced material scientists and metallurgists, and is equipped with the latest generation of instruments to measure bulk compositions, trace impurities and bulk physical characteristics.  All test methods meet or exceed ISO-17025 requirements for testing laboratories, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of test analyses.

We offer the following array of analytical services:
  • Bulk composition and trace impurity analysis of pure metals and alloys. Accuracy to ppb levels.
  • Carbon and Sulphur weight percent analysis in metals.  Minimum detection 0.5ppm.
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen weight percent analysis in metals.  Minimum detection 0.5ppm.
  • Qualitative surface chemistry and analysis.
  • Low temperature (<500°C) material melting points with accuracy to 0.5°C.
  • Knoop and Vickers hardness testing per ASTM E92.
  • Grain determination up to 1000x capability.
A full test report will be provided for the analysis requested. Typical turnaround times for our analytical services are 3-10 business days depending upon the test. Expedited analytical services are available.

COINING's Analytical Laboratory Services Product Sheet can be downloaded below.
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