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Copper Core Connect

Copper-Core Connect™ Bond Pads

COINING’s Copper-Core Connect™ Bond Pads replace the need for using thick solid Solder Preforms, while improving thermal and electrical conductivity by a factor up to 7x. With the ever-increasing miniaturization of electronics and an increased number of (sub) assembly steps, not all assembly connections can be made on a 2D PCB, heat-sink or ceramic substrate. The Copper-Core Connect™ enables designs for making a final, high-power, wire and ribbon connection with contact spots that otherwise cannot be reached. This avoids additional assembly steps.
  • Improved thermal management
  • Increased reliability
  • Exact solder volume allows reduced connection areas
  • Increased connection density
  • Enables easy accessibility for repair/replacement work of components
  • Wide range of Pb-Free and Pb-containing solder alloys available
Copper Core connect

Material Specification
Wide range of Pb-free and Pb-containing solder alloys available:

  • Sn60Pb40 (melting range 183-188°C)
  • Sn96.5Ag3Cu.5 (melting range 217-218°C)
  • Au80Sn20 (melting point: 280°C)
  • Pb95Sn5 (melting range: 305-314°C)
  • Other solders available upon request
Wire and Ribbon Bonding Applications:

  • Pb91Sn10 (melting range 275-302C)
  • Other solders available upon request
Sizing for solder applications
For Soldering Applications:

Configuration:  Solder 1/Cu; Solder 1/Cu/Solder 2
Overall Thickness:  > 0.010 inches typical, for thinner gauges contact COINING engineering
Solder 1 & 2 thickness:  0.001 to 0.003 inches typical

For Wire and Ribbon Bonding Applications:

Configuration:  Cu/Al; Solder 2/Cu/Al; Solder 2/Cu/Au
Overall Thickness:  > 0.010 inches typical, for thinner gauges contact COINING engineering
Solder 2
Thickness:  0.001 to 0.003 inches typical Al layer thickness 0.001 to 0.002 inches typical

Copper Core connect - Sizing

  • Automotive
  • RF/ Microwave
  • Military
  • Photonics
How it’s made
Our Copper Core Connect™ Bond Pads are made by our precise cladding technology.  After completing the cladding process, the bond pads go through our stamping process.

Metal Bond Pads Brochure Download