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Optical Communications

COINING is a worldwide supplier to the industrial, telecommunication, and process control industry. We implement lean manufacturing at all our facilities and have an extensive library of in-house tools and dies. We have state of the art test and measurement equipment (RF frequency) which gives us the capability to temperature test up to 1000°F / 538°C.

We have in-house metal fabrication, stamping, grinding, punching, and plating. We offer reduced lead times for prototype requirements and comprehensive design and testing capabilities. As well as dedicated brazing, sealing, and integration furnaces.

Hermetic Seal Packages
Optical Communication Applications Include:
  • Satellites
  • Optical Networking Components
  • Low pressure (TO style) and high-pressure stainless steel and titanium headers
  • RF terminals, DC pin assemblies and SMA, SMP (GPO) and SSMP (GPPO) connectors
  • High reliability hermetically sealed packages from standard outlines (transistor outline, dual in-line, plug-ins, and flatpacks to extremely sophisticated and complex custom configurations
The COINING Products used in Hermetic Fiberoptic Packages

Brazing preforms

Braze Preforms
Comes in a variety of standard shapes e.g., rectangles, squares, discs or frames, and sizes as required by customers. Solution to solder-starved conditions.

Solder Preform

Solder Preform
Delivers the precise solder to the right location.

COINING Cover Assemblies

COINING Cover Assemblies Improve on the traditional methods of assembly, alignment, and attaching individual parts by supplying one integrated cover assembly that mates to the IC package.

Metal Microstamping

Metal Microstampings These precision stampings are used primarily to dissipate heat or provide an interface for an electronic circuit or component.

Gold Bonding Wire

Gold Bonding Wire
Excellent corrosion resistance, subject to high temperature 
or high humidity environments.

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