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High Performance Electronics

COINING is behind ground breaking innovations in many of today’s most exciting industries. Our engineered parts power everything from the automated equipment that controls factory equipment to the zappers that kill mosquitos in the summer

We are all familiar with the information revolution that integrated circuits (ICs) have made possible, but every IC must be packaged to protect the silicon circuit, ensure power and signal integrity, and manage the generated heat to meet high reliability requirements.  COINING products lead the industry for challenging packaging requirements, and for applications where environmental factors in production or in use go beyond the abilities of standard materials.  Our engineers can ensure optimal performance Day 1, and for many years to come.

At COINING, our passion is your custom design.

The rapid prototype team at COINING can quickly translate your concept into a working prototype to keep critical projects on track.  Our in-house metallurgy group can design a melt a custom alloy to meet you exact needs. Then, our industry leading tooling capability can quickly set up a production cell to transform the raw material into the exact part you require.  If you are in a rush, all of this can be done in days.

At COINING, we pride ourselves on flexible design, fast and efficient service.
  • Electronic components (diodes, resistors, semi-conductors)
Packages - High Performance Electronics

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