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COINING Cover Assemblies

The interior of any electrical system is where all its core functions occur, within wires, batteries, circuits, microchips and more. To ensure long life, sufficient protection must be engineered to protect high performance circuits. COINING’s Cover Assemblies (CCA) designed and manufactured provide the necessary hermetic seal for delicate electrical components in even the harshest of environments. Our CCAs improve on the traditional methods of assembly, alignment, and attaching individual parts by supplying one integrated cover assembly that mates to the IC package.
  • Higher yield 
  • High reliability
  • Superior weld characteristics
  • Custom sizes, alloys, and plating schemes are also available
Material Specification
  • Over the substrate alloy used for the base, we typically apply 50 to 350 micro inches of Nickel plating
  • A minimum of 50 micro inches worth of Grade A gold electroplating
  • For the preform COINING typically uses industry standard 80/20 gold/tin but can also attach
  • Custom sizes, alloys, and plating schemes are also available

  • Smallest available 0.102 by 0.102
  • Largest sizing available:  1 inch by 1 inch 
  • Length and width:  ±0.003 inches 
  • Aerospace
  • Photonics 
  • Military
  • Space
  • Telecommunications
How it’s made
Our CCA’s are made by implementing a Microstamping and Solder preform which are stamped and welded together. This process is done either manually or automated. Our fully automated manufacturing capability can easily scale to a wide range of volume needs. It is determined by the size of the CCA, the smaller the CCA the more automated the process. Our engineering team can help you design a cost-effective solution that will work the first time, every time and for extended life in the harshest environments.

Cover Assemblies