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RF Microwave

Your signal is only as strong as the electronic components and interconnect technologies that make it happen.

In one way or another, radio frequency and microwave technologies are present across all major industries: Aerospace and automotive manufacturing, telecommunications, defense, energy, health care and more. With so many applications and so much nuance, leading companies in each of these sectors must secure partnerships with 21st-century manufacturing services providers that forgo one-size-fits-all solutions for electronics, interconnects and hermetic packaging built custom for their specific operations.

In short, they need a partner like COINING. Time and time again, we’ve incorporated emergent innovations into our portfolio and challenged ourselves to always improve how we design and test our products. 

COINING Products Used In Cell Towers and Radar System

Gold Bonding Wire

Gold Bonding Wire
Typically utilized in high-frequency microwave/RF and high-power applications.

Aluminum wire and ribbon

Gold Bonding Ribbon Available in diameters as small as 0.0005 inch (12.5 microns), with highly uniform elongation, tensile strength and dimensional properties.

Solder Preform

Solder Preform
Delivers the precise solder to the right location.

Metal Microstamping

Metal Microstampings These precision stampings are used primarily to dissipate heat or provide an interface for an electronic circuit or component.

Copper Core Connect Bond Pads

Copper Core Connect Bond Pads
Improved thermal management with Increased connection density.

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