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COINING, a world-class AMETEK brand, creates micro components that have a big impact on people’s lives. From sensors to satellites, there isn’t much happening in the world today that doesn’t include the products we make. We create bonding solutions for lifetime connections.

For people who demand precision, flexibility, and speed, COINING is the world leader in

  • Custom Alloys and Solder Preforms
  • Specialized Gold, Aluminum, and Solder Bonding Wire
  • Gold and Aluminum Bonding ribbon
  • Precision thermal management materials
  • Hermetic solutions and Metal Microstampings
  • Bond Pads and Cover Assemblies

In fact, we’re the largest Solder Preform manufacturer in the world. With a broad range of products, the most extensive library of preform dies in the industry about 15,000 different tools, and our very own COINING Labs to make custom alloys. We can move faster-to-market than anyone else. COINING is the expert in electronics components, interconnects, and packaging. Our expertise drives faster product development, superior component design, and reliable performance in the most challenging environments.