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COINING, a world-class AMETEK brand, makes tiny components that have a big impact on people's lives. From sensors to satellites, there isn't much happening in the world today that doesn't include the products we make.

For people who demand precision, flexibility, and speed, COINING is the world leader in custom alloys and solder preforms. We also offer specialized bonding wire, precision thermal management materials, and hermetic solutions. In fact, we're the largest solder preform manufacturer in the world. With a broad range of products, the most extensive library of preform dies in the industry —about 15,000 different tools, and our very own COINING Labs to make custom alloys, we can move faster-to-market than anyone else.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, we’re your go-to team for high-performance, high-precision components custom-designed to meet your unique needs.

Exactly what you need, right when you need it.


Analytical Analysis
Lab Services

Our in-house laboratory has been making magic (and custom metals) for many years. Staffed with experienced material scientists and metallurgists — and equipped with the latest and greatest instruments to measure things like bulk compositions, trace impurities and bulk physical characteristics — there’s little you can throw our way that we can’t bring to life.

 AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging - Components and Wire Rolled Metal Products Solder Preforms

Who says custom components can't be a work of art? Sure, they may not seem like much. But take a closer look, and you'll see the future at work — and working beautifully. At Coining, we manufacture solder and brazing preforms, including popular gold tin metals used in microelectronic applications. As technology gets smaller, and the volume of data transmissions get bigger, the relative impact of the intrinsic circuit properties in these tiny little products become much more significant. This means those little components that didn't look like much, suddenly play a much bigger role. And to us, that makes them a thing of beauty.