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Civilization has made great strides throughout history, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for nations to provide for a strong defense. Modern conflicts are often won or lost based on who has the best information. COINING electronic packaging products enable the most advanced technology.

Defense products are different from many other applications for the following reason:
  • Size, weight, and power (SWaP) must be optimized for the best possible solution
  • Performance after long periods of storage and field application must be consistent.
  • When called upon to work, it must perform its intended job without failure
  • Environmental exposure can be harsh and difficult to predict
  • Volume of any specific part tend to be modest by modern electronic standards
F35 Fighter Jet
COINING’s in-house engineering team works with customers to ensure our solution meets all your needs. We can rapidly prototype possible solutions to get you design from concept to working unit as immediately as possible. When it’s time to go into production, our vertical integration from alloy melting to machining ensure that all aspects of production are well controlled and deliver exactly what is needed.

Our Products and Applications

Molybdenum Double Clad Nickel Bond Pads

Molybdenum Double Clad Nickel Bond Pads
Aircraft engine management systems

Copper Plated with Nickel Plated with Gold

Copper Plated with Nickel Plated with Gold Defense satellites e.g., Gladiator 

Copper Core Connect Bond Pads

Copper-Core Connect™
Fighter aircraft applications

Solder Preform

Solder Preform  Fighter jets, missile systems, satellites

COINING Ceramic Cover Assemblies

COINING Ceramic Cover Assemblies (CCCA)
Satellite applications

Aluminum wire and ribbon

 Gold Bonding Ribbon Latest generation F35 fighter jets

Gold Bonding Wire

Gold Bonding Wire Satellite applications

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