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We offer a variety of packaging services that are essential for protecting, securing, and ensuring our products arrive safely and maintain their high quality. Our in-house packaging capabilities reduce lead-times, offer convenience, and streamline supply chain management issues for our customers.
Stamp to Tape

Minimize extra steps to focus on what matters most. COINING’s Stamp to Tape is a value-added service in which Preforms and Micro-stampings are placed onto carrier tape before shipping to customers. We offer a variety of different reel sizes and tape choices. Our products are used in this manner to feed automated assembly operations. The parts must be presented in a consistent position and orientation for the automation processes to perform correctly.

Faster lead-times
Simpler qualifications
Less paperwork

Tape - Carrier PackagingMicro-stamping's packaged in our surf tape

We use two different types of carrier tape to best support our customers' needs.

Pocket tape is a plastic tape embossed with pockets. During the taping process, the parts are placed in the pocket and secured in position with a separate cover tape. Pocket tape is available in both standard and custom sizes. It is broadly used for many customer applications.

Carrier TapeSolder Preforms packaged in our pocket tape

Surf tape is tape with an adhesive back layer. This back layer holds the part in place without the use of a cover tape. Surf tape works well with small parts where exact orientation is important. By holding the parts with an adhesive, surf tape prevents movement and alignment problems. Surf tape is available in conductive form.

We work closely with our customers to develop optimal tape & reel packaging solutions. COINING is unique in that we tape & reel package our own parts – few, if any, of our competitors do this. One-stop shopping means faster lead-times, fewer headaches, simplifier qualifications and less paperwork for our customers.

Waffle Pack

COINING also can package its parts in embossed or pocketed plastic trays called waffle packs. The waffle packs are loaded so that each pocket contains one part orientated properly. Once loaded, the parts are typically covered with anti-static paper and a foam-covered crown which holds the parts in place. Finally, a lid secures the waffle package together.

Product Shelf Life Packaging COINING Ceramic Cover Assemblies (CCCAs) packaged in our waffle pack

Waffle packaging is particularly advantageous when the parts are very small or unusual in shape. Waffle packaging permits the automated loading of parts as small as 0.0005 inch in the smallest dimension. Our Waffle Packs are packaged by our Automated Packaging Robots, which quickly, precisely, and efficiently place each component within the packaging. As with tape & reel packaging, COINING's ability to waffle pack its own parts reduce lead-times, offers convenience and streamlines supply chain management issues for our customers

Waffle PackingCOINING's robotic automated packaging machine loading our waffle packs