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After decades of incremental improvement, the auto industry is experiencing an all-encompassing technological revolution. For many years, engineers worked hard to squeeze a few percent more efficiency out of the internal combustion engine and add a few additional comforts to cars.

The revolution in electrically powered vehicles, whether in hybrid form or all-electric vehicle (EV) format, is changing everything we thought we knew about the way cars and trucks work. The addition of smart safety and driver assist technologies is completely changing the driving experience. It’s not an exaggeration to say that modern cars are really rolling computer networks, with dozens of processors capturing and integrating the data from thousands of points every second to make driving a safer, more comfortable, and fundamentally improved experience.
Electric Vehicles
COINING supplies a wide range of products optimized for the challenges of automotive applications. From the wiring that makes EV batteries possible, to the power chip interconnects, our solder preforms, bonding wire, and Micro-stamping are used throughout modern vehicles. We have the capability and flexibility to provide optimized characteristics of our Gold-Tin alloys. Delivering our customers with the upmost quality solutions to their challenges.

Gold-Tin alloy’s characteristics can be customized. Gold-Tin alloys are commonly used alloys for high temperature soldering. The high corrosion resistance of this alloy makes it an ideal candidate as a bonding material for electronic connections in power devices and sensors for harsh environments. This specific high-performance alloy enables the use of higher power densities in the design phase for EV applications. EV and power electronic designs benefit from the enhanced properties, enabling higher flexibility at the design level and further downstream, during pilot and production runs.

Automotive - Markets

COINING supplies a wide range of products optimized for the challenges of automotive applications.  From the wiring that makes EV batteries possible, to the power chip interconnects, our solder preforms, bonding wire, and microstampings are used throughout modern vehicles.

Going Green with electric motors

When a customer chooses a hybrid or fully electric model, it’s a win for Mother Nature and your bottom line. Performance as well as preservation is possible with help from high-quality discrete electronic components. AMETEK's busbars meet or surpass our customers’ requirements for electric vehicle power inverters and current collectors.

Consumer demand for safety

Driver-assist technology, as well as eventual autonomous driving, and active safety features make the open road a much safer place. Both are made possible by precision electronics and interconnects.

Caught in the headlights

Powered by LEDs, forward headlights as well as interior and exterior accent lighting deliver clarity for the road ahead. They also provide the freedom to stand out with stunning designs. Never let customers lose sight of where they’re going by investing in the right electronic components for lighting.

As you open throttle on your automotive manufacturing operations, let AMETEK steer you toward reliable production and better products for your customers. We provide many high-quality materials, superior component design and strategic services that enable our customers to produce the most advanced driving platforms in the world.

Our Products and Applications

Bonding Wire

Bonding Wire for interconnect technologies Aluminum wire and ribbon 
Copper wire (engine management, seat sensors, exhaust monitoring, brake systems, power management system, safety systems, battery interconnects) 
Aluminum wire and ribbon

Copper Core Connect Bond Pads

Copper-Core Connect™ configurations for high power components and subassemblies:  Solder/Cu/Au.
 (Inverters, DC/DC converters, power modules, and seat sensors)
Copper Clad Aluminum (Inverters, DC/DC converters, power modules, and seat sensors) 
Solder Preforms (Inverters, DC/DC Converters, power modules, seat sensors)  

Metal Microstamping

Metal Microstampings Applications: Jumper chips, covers, heat sinks, lead frames, tabs, terminals and more.
Materials: Kovar™, molybdenum, tungsten, copper, and more.
Plating options: Gold and nickel (Inverters, DC/DC Converters, power modules, seat sensors)

COINING is the world’s largest supplier of solder preforms. Our standard preforms are available in square, rectangular and disc shapes. Custom designs are not a problem.

Fast development:

From prototyping to market release and everything in between, AMETEK supercharges your design and production stages.

Production flexibility:

Our engineers understand your need to ramp up fast and reliably. Whether you’re designing the prototype for your next industry-leading innovation or pushing forward to full-scale production, COINING is your partner in cost-effective, efficient manufacturing.

World-class reliability:

We engineer only the best harsh-environment, long-life packaging solutions. Rugged enough for the road, but with one of the lowest costs of ownership in the business.

No detours:

COINING doesn’t put excellence in the backseat. Our defect-free component designs and services ensure your goods always meet your standards.

In your race for the next generation of automotive performance, the COINING team puts you behind the wheel of a winning vehicle.

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