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For critical applications that have harsh environments and pivotal requirements, it is crucial for the components to be extremely durable and reliable. COINING’s microelectronics are high-performance and high precision to meet high reliability requirements.

In order to meet the reliability for space qualification it is important to have products that have sufficient strength and can withstand the radiation found outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Orbital Satellite - Markets
COINING’s decades of experience have allowed us to develop a deep expertise in the unique challenges that are faced in this extreme environment. The products we develop and manufacture for Space are of the highest quality and designed to be utilized in critical applications.

Our 50+ years of experience enables us to provide the highest quality products for the strictest environments.

Our Products and Applications

CCA - Coining Cover Assemblies

COINING Cover Assemblies (CCA) 

Satellite applications

Molybdenum Bond Pad

Molybdenum Double Clad Nickel Bond Pads
Satellite applications

Gold Bonding Wire

 Gold Bonding Wire Communication Satellite applications 
Fast development:
From prototyping to market release and everything in between, COINING provides our customers with solutions that keep satellites in orbit.
Production flexibility:
Our engineers understand your need for a speedy process and reliability. Whether you’re designing the prototype for your industry-leading innovation or pushing forward to full-scale production, COINING is your partner in cost-effective, efficient manufacturing.

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