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Who We Are

Founded in 1965, COINING has been a part of the information Age Since the beginning, when semi-conductors and microchips became the new normal, and Silicon Valley was first coming online. Along the way, we’ve designed, engineered, and manufactured a wide range of customized alloys and the broadest range of preforms, micro-stampings, ribbon and wire needed to make advanced electronics and electrical systems function. 

Today, COINING is the largest Solder Preforms manufacturer in the world. With an in-house lab staffed with highly experienced metallurgists around, we’re capable of making custom, one-of-kind alloys so even the most advanced ideas can materialize. And with more than 15,000 tools on the shelf, we have the most extensive library of Solder Preform dies in the industry. Which means there’s nothing we can’t manufacture to meet the needs of every, major industry there is — aerospace, defense, high performance electronics, photonics hardware, automotive, medical devices, and more. That’s why we have the privilege of serving more than a thousand clients in more than 30 countries around the world.

We operate from facilities in Montvale, New Jersey and Penang, Malaysia, serving 1,000+ customers in more than thirty countries around the world since 1965. After 46 years of private ownership, we were acquired by AMETEK, Inc. in May 2011.

We solve complex problems in creative ways to make the world a better place. That’s why we make critical bonds that make advanced electronics and electrical systems work — the kind that improve our health, our lifestyles, and our ability to communicate with each other. We do this by designing, engineering, and manufacturing high precision, high performance custom alloys and components used in advanced microelectronic applications across nearly every industry in the world.

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