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Growth in EV market pushes demand for COINING electric components

Thursday, March 16, 2023

The rise in popularity of electric vehicles looks set to continue, with technological innovation and a global focus on decarbonization driving demand. As smart safety and autonomous driving becomes more sophisticated, the way we drive is constantly changing. Key to this trend has been connectivity and thermal management.

EV - COINING Thermal Management

Thermal management is especially critical within electric vehicles. It helps prevent overheating and enable cooling, alongside allowing faster charging rates and supporting better driving performance. COINING has been at the heart of promoting innovation in this area. More than seven decades of metallurgical experience and expertise have enabled the specialist manufacturer to build up a range of precision electronic components that offer superior design, high-quality materials, safe, reliable performance and excellent connectivity.

AMETEK COINING sees continued demand for its electronic components portfolio as electric vehicle market grows exponentially.

  • Aluminum bonding wire and ribbon
  • Solder preforms
  • Copper clips
  • Bond Pads 
  • Gold bonding wire and ribbon
Various metal components from COINING are used for key electronic applications within the power module devices inside electric vehicles. They serve important functions for the battery system, charge ports power supply AC/DC, DC/AC converters, insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) and metal oxide semi-conductor field effect transistors (MOSFET).

Aluminum wire from COINING is highly sought-after in the electric vehicle market for enhanced connectivity, performance, and durability. Aluminum wire is used throughout the electronics industry as an electrical interconnect because of its low cost, suitability for ultrasonic wedge bonding, and eliminates the problem of ‘purple plague’. It can be manufactured in very fine sizes and offers a smooth finish and homogenous high purity. Added nickel ensures that the ribbon and wire remain resistant to corrosion.

Aluminium wire - Metal Bonding

Gold bonding wire from COINING forms electrical interconnections for the battery systems inside electric vehicles. Manufactured to the highest possible purity, tensile strength, and bond reliability, COINING’s gold bonding wire is available in diameters down to 12.5 microns. It is produced with very tight quality controls to enhance looping characteristics and prevent sagging.

Gold Bonding Wire

Alongside these bonding wire products, COINING also makes aluminum and gold ribbon, both offering excellent heat dissipation, enhanced reliability, and higher fusing current. Ribbon also requires fewer bonds than wire. In fact, one power bond ribbon from COINING can replace as many as four wires.

Aluminium Ribbon - Metal Bonding

COINING is known in the automotive industry and electric vehicle market for its superior solder preforms. They come in a range of standard shapes, including squares, rectangles, frames, and discs, and are made using alloys such as silver, gold, lead, tin, zinc, nickel, and copper. Customers can specify the size they require, and dimensions are held to tight tolerances for a consistent performance and increased productivity. COINING’s solder preforms offer a more stable alternative to hand soldering electric vehicle components and are both durable and versatile.

Coining Solder Proforms

In addition, COINING’s copper clips provide the necessary connections within EVs. They reduce total cost and streamline production. COINING uses CDA 101/102; CDA 110; CDA 194 in copper clips and other alloys are also available upon request. COINING also offers bond pads which enable connectivity within airbag systems and sensors in EVs.

Coining copper clips

Finally, COINING offers a variety of precision packaging services, designed to protect, and secure delicate products while they are in transit. This helps reduce lead times, provide a more convenient service and prevent any damage from occurring en route. Components of the packaging service include Tape and Reel, which is a value-added service in which preforms and microstampings are placed onto carrier tape before shipping to customers. Waffle packs are advantageous for automated processing. The parts are placed in the pockets of customized plastic trays for use with pick and place equipment.

Coining - Micro-stampings