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Solder Wire

High Pb Solder Wire

High Pb-Based Solder Wire

High-Pb alloys (≥ 85% Pb) are the preferred material for the fast and low cost production of power components. The benefits of high Pb alloys include resistance to thermal fatigue, high melting temperature and the absence of building intermetallics with most electronics materials.

High Pb alloys  are produced with a minimal level of impurities, voids-free and minimal surface oxidation, which are prime requirements for zero-default die-attach of power electronics. The high-purity level of the various alloys not only greatly reduces production down-time for cleaning of the spanker in production, but also assures good electrical and thermal conductivity between die and substrate in the end-use.
COINING, Inc produces the die-attach wire completely in-house with a uniquely designed, proprietary process that limits wire surface oxidation and prevents the inclusion of particles, blisters, drawing media or other substances. The blister-free wire ensures a constant wire feed onto the die, creating a clean and consistent puddle for proper die attaching.

COINING offers a range of standard die-attach alloys with the ability to co-develop product specific new alloys and has the capability to add if needed dopants to the alloy for controlling the wetting angle on various substrate materials. By controlling the wetting angle and the dimensions of the puddle of molten solder, the occurrence of voids can be largely eliminated.