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Metal Microstampings - Coining Products


In addition to producing preforms, COINING creates small metal stampings that are used as jumper chips, bonding pads, covers, heat sinks, lead frames, tabs, terminals or other components on microelectronic assemblies and packages. These precision stampings are used primarily to dissipate heat or provide an interface for an electronic circuit or component.

We work with Kovar™ , molybdenum, tungsten, copper, Silvar™, Silvar-K™ and various other metallic materials commonly found in metal and ceramic packages. Some of these parts are supplied after nickel plating or gold plating. Other COINING stampings are manufactured from cladded strip consisting of two or more metal layers bonded together in a specialty rolling operation, also called metallic bonding. We run two thin layers of strip through a roll-compacting mill that bonds the two layers of metal together.

Our custom metal stamping process includes stamping the correct micro-size from the material for various uses. COINING holds an extremely unique position in the microstamping industry based on our superior cladding capability. We have extensive metallurgical knowledge in bonding metals for micro-sized components, such as microstampings.

Typical Physical, Thermal and Mechanical Properties
Properties  Unit of Measure Silvar™ Silvar-K™
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion μ/m/c  7.2 (20°C-225°C) 7 (20°C-400°C)
Thermal Conductivity W/mK  130 110
Thermal Capacity J/cc °C  3.19 3.19
Density g/cm³  8.9 8.8
Young's Modulu's GPa  110 125
 Electrical Conductivity  %IACS 35  18.5 
Size and Dimensions
COINING primarily focuses on two-dimensional microstampings with constant cross-sectional thicknesses less than 0.030 inch (0.75 mm). However, we can produce some parts that vary in the third dimension. We welcome inquires with drawings and will respond quickly with technical feasibility and pricing if appropriate.

Microstampings - COINING

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