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Gold Bonding Ribbon

Gold Bonding Ribbon

COINING offers Gold (Au) ribbon which is typically utilized in high-frequency microwave/RF and high-power applications. Gold is the preferred choice of bonding material when the contact material is not compatible with Aluminum (Al) or Copper (Cu).


  • Extreme bond reliability
  • Wide processing window
  • Low impact ball and wedge bonding
  • Superior looping performance
  • High tensile test performance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Higher fusing current than standard Au bonding wire
Gold Bonding ribbon - Metal Bonding


We offer a full range of ribbon dimensions suiting the needs for strength and hardness/elongation in your application.
Gold Bonding Ribbon has higher fusing current then standard Gold Bonding Wire

  • High- frequency microwave/RF
  • High-power applications
  • Automotive

Gold Bonding Ribbon