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Cover Assemblies

Coining Cover Assemblies

The interior of any electrical system is where all of its core functions occur, within wires, batteries, circuits, microchips and more. To ensure long life, sufficient protection must be engineered to protect high performance circuits. Cover assemblies designed and manufactured by AMETEK provide the necessary hermetic seal for delicate electrical components in even the harshest of environments. Our cover assemblies improve on the traditional methods of assembly, alignment, and attaching individual parts by supplying one integrated cover assembly that mates to the IC package.

Manufactured to provide optimal protection

AMETEK manufactures these cover assemblies at COINING. The components typically protect semiconductor sensors or integrated circuits, gold, copper or aluminum wiring, as well as micro stamping systems. While commonly produced using Kovar alloy or Alloy 42, aluminum alloys, titanium or stainless steel versions are also available. The latter two are appropriate for extremely high temperatures, to provide optimum heat and corrosion resistance.

A double electroplating process - first a layer of nickel plating, then one of gold - can give assemblies a highly solderable surface, which is essential for multiple industry applications. Finished assemblies feature military-grade bases, compliant with regulation MIL-M-38510.


Efficiency and cost advantages

Separately producing and then aligning, attaching, and verifying the base and preform components that are necessary to protect electronic packages after a package has been populated with a high value semiconductor is, ultimately, a poor use of manufacturing resources and operating capital. By delivering pre-attached and verified cover assemblies as integrated objects, AMETEK  cover assemblies enable final package assembly to be fast, simple, and with exceptionally low process yield loss.


AMETEK offers custom alloy lids with matched preforms, as well as optional getters and other accessories. Due to the efficiency of our fully automated manufacturing processes, we have the flexibility to handle any production needs - from bulk multi-million piece orders of cover assemblies to small 50-piece purchases requiring different custom bases or plating.

Specifications of assembly composition

Over the substrate alloy used for the base, we typically apply 50 to 350 microinches of nickel plating, and then a minimum of 50 microinches worth of Grade A gold electroplating. We can accommodate requests for custom thickness, or up to four additional plating layers.

For the preform, Coining typically uses industry standard 80/20 gold/tin, but can also attach a wide range of custom alloys.  Of course, as the largest solder preform manufacturer in the world, we hold ourselves to industry leading tolerance and inspection standards.

Other performance features

With many years experience supplying applications from undersea to satellite, we are committed to protecting your products.  Our engineering team can help you design a cost effective solution that will work the first time, every time - and for extended life in the harshest environments.  

Coining Cover Assemblies are a simple way to meet your production needs without the hassle of complicated assembly late in the productions process when any yield impact will be most expensive. Contact us today for a hassle free, custom solution.

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