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The Gold-Tin Intermetallic Compounds Evolution After The Rolling Process

Monday, August 29, 2022

COINING to present Whitepaper about ‘The Gold-Tin Intermetallic Compounds Evolution After The Rolling Process’ at Microelectronics show in Europe

At the ESTC Conference held by the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society Europe in Romania, Material Scientist and Director of Engineering at COINING, Traian Cucu, will be presenting a Whitepaper called “The Gold-Tin Intermetallic Compounds Evolution After The Rolling Process”. The presentation takes place as part of the Nano packaging and Nanotechnology Workshop September 14th, 2022. 

The whitepaper will showcase COINING’s capabilities and flexibility to customize the characteristics of the Gold-Tin alloy. Gold-Tin alloys are commonly used alloys for high temperature soldering. The high corrosion resistance of this alloy makes it an ideal candidate as a bonding material for electronic connections in power devices and sensors for harsh environments. The EV segment and the power electronic designs are benefiting from these enhanced properties, enabling higher flexibility at the design level and further downstream, during pilot and production runs. This specific high-performance alloy enables the use of higher power densities in the design phase for EV applications.

Traian Cucu explains: “The Gold-Tin intermetallic species play an important role in the bulk performance of the joint. The ratio of different species, in the bulk material, both before and after the reflow process, will have a direct influence on material performance.” 

By optimizing the material performance, we are reducing the defect rates and improve production yields. COINING is a key partner to its customers’ product design process by providing mission critical materials and capabilities that enable ground-breaking industry innovations. A material with an optimized structure is an essential catalyst for enhancing the performance of an application as well as the assembly process by increasing the production yield and lowering the defect rate.

Operating out of Montvale, NJ in the USA, and Penang, Malaysia, COINING is the largest solder preform manufacturer in the world and has an extensive library of solder preform dies with about 15,000 different tools. COINING has a successful history of being the leading producer of gold, aluminum, and copper bonding wire as well as jumper chips, bond pads, tabs, heat sinks, lead frames, solder spheres and cover assemblies for the microelectronics industry.