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Electric Vehicles

The revolution in electrically powered vehicles, whether in hybrid form or all-electric vehicle (EV) format, is changing everything we thought we knew about the way cars and trucks work. The addition of smart safety and autonomous driving technologies is completely changing the driving experience.

“Vehicle electrification is jointly pushes by two megatrends: global decarbonization and disruption of the automotive industry. These two trends will continue evolving into a fully electrified on-road transportation society in the coming decades.” Yu Yang. (2022). Yole Développement: Power Electronics for Automotive Focus on Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles.

It is not an exaggeration to say that electric vehicles are rolling computer networks, with dozens of processors capturing and integrating the data from thousands of points every second to make driving a safer, more comfortable, and fundamentally improved experience.
Driving Innovation
COINING is driving innovation by enabling connectivity and strong thermal conductivity within electric vehicles.

“From range to efficiency: instead of building BEVs with larger batteries, a strong focus is being shifted to efficiency from a holistic view. This move pushes the e-powertrain to higher efficiency by reducing electric (e.g., more efficient power devices) and mechanical losses and improving thermal management.” Yu Yang. (2022). Yole Développement: Power Electronics for Automotive Focus on Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles.

Thermal management is a crucial factor within EV. It enables cooling and prevents overheating which impacts an electric vehicles drivability and safety. Proper thermal management can allow faster charging rates and better cooling performance.
Let COINING Steer You Toward Reliability
We have 75 years of metallurgical expertise and experience- which means our products have world-class reliability and meet the demands and needs for consumer safety. This is all made possible by precision electronics and interconnects within electric vehicles.

COINING supplies a wide range of products optimized for the challenges of electric vehicle applications. From the wiring that makes EV battery system possible, to the power module interconnects, our solder preforms, bond pads, bonding wire, and bus bars are used throughout electric vehicles.

EV Major Components   Preforms     Bond Pads     Cu Core    Strips /
  Bus Bars  
  Al Bonding  
  Au Bonding  
Charge Ports: Power Supply
AC/DC, DC/AC Converters 
 True  True True     True  True
Battery System: Bus Bars      True  True    

Inverter: MOSFET and IGBT

True        True  True
Motor Controller:
 True True         True
Motor: Largely a Contained
system with Limited Logic
 True   True      

Going Green with electric motors

When a customer chooses a hybrid or fully electric model, it’s a win for Mother Nature and your bottom line. Performance as well as preservation is possible with help from high-quality discrete electronic components.

EV format - All electric vehicle

As you open throttle on your EV manufacturing operations, let COINING steer you toward reliable production and better products for your customers. We provide many high-quality materials, superior component design, and strategic services that enable reliability, safety, and connectivity within electric vehicles.

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