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Shelf Life

Shelf Life - AMETEK ECP Coining

Underlying Metallurgy

Changes to mechanical properties.  As storage time lengthens, the effects of age hardening and strain relieving increase, thereby altering the material’s physical characteristics.  Material that has been heat-treated is less susceptible to these changes, but, due to the high purity of the metals, even these materials will experience changes to mechanical properties over time. 

Changes to surface conditions.  As storage time lengthens, especially under conditions of high temperature and humidity, the surface of the metal, or the flux coating (if present), will increasingly react with water vapor.


COINING offers many different packaging options with varying levels of protection. AMETEK applications engineering team helps determine the optimum package for your application.  Consideration should be given to the alloy, anticipated storage conditions, anticipated storage time, and cost.

Storage Conditions

Maintain product unopened, in its original packaging, until needed for use.

COINING recommends storage of unopened product at a temperature between 18 oC and 24 oC with relative humidity less than 60%. When possible, storage in a dry box (nitrogen) is suggested.

After opening and use, unused product should be returned to the original packaging and stored in a dry box (nitrogen) as soon as possible

Shelf Life

Keeping in mind the aforementioned, and unless otherwise specified on the labeling or other documentation, the shelf life of Coining product is 1 year from the date of shipment.