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AMETEK’s Contribution to Increased Automotive Safety

Automobiles are a central aspect in most Americans' lives and safety ranks high among the concerns people have when buying a new or used vehicle. Then, within the factors going into that big of a purchase, there are a lot of things people don't necessarily think about but rely upon every day: cables, wires, circuits, microchips, terminals and all of the other components that not only keep the car running, but also protect motorists, passengers and pedestrians.

That aspect of safety is where AMETEK ECP enters the picture. Our Coining subsidiary, which had nearly 50 years in the metallurgy business under its belt before its 2011 acquisition by AMETEK, bears a tradition of excellence producing bonding and solder wire, as well as metal microstampings for use in multiple auto component applications. Additionally, solder preforms manufactured by AMETEK at our primary U.S. facilities help form reliable connections in everything from high-intensity headlights, hybrid engines, driver assistance technology, sensors for numerous dashboard indicators and other features that ensure a safe and efficient ride.

Facilitating ADAS automation for increased vehicle safety

According to data compiled by Statista, approximately 17.5 million advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) were manufactured in the U.S. alone during 2016. By 2021, that number is expected to increase by about 1 million units, and the light-vehicle segment of the ADAS market will be worth up to $5 billion. It's clear that there's a significant consumer demand for these products, and once purchased, auto buyers expect such advanced features to remain at high performance levels - while also being more or less out of sight and out of mind.

That type of functionality requires interconnects that can handle the demands of receiving and sending electricity and all other signals necessary for driver assistance features ranging from automated braking to lane shifting. This, in turn, requires bonds that won't break down regardless of the metals or substrates involved, or any wear and tear the elements put on the vehicle surrounding them. Components soldered or otherwise bonded with the wire Coining produces for AMETEK ECP help ensure that high-tech internal elements of ADAS systems stay operational, regardless of any pressures the road puts on them. Our metallurgists are equally comfortable working with aluminum, silver, gold or various lead alloy blends - whatever is necessary to make safer electronics that allow for safer cars.

The unique Copper-Core Connect methodology

Cars are becoming more and more complex across all aspects of their design, including in their safety features. Sometimes, as a result, the assembly of microelectronic components and connections for autos needs to come out of its two-dimensional comfort zone. AMETEK's trademarked Copper-Core Connect system, made by Coining, allows this. It provides a copper filler that takes up the space between two solder pieces to facilitate contact and bonding that otherwise wouldn't be feasible in the assembly process - either for electronics firms or automakers using their components. Copper-Core Connect works just as well between two traditional solder pieces as it does with solder on one side and gold or aluminum on the other - whatever the necessities of manufacturing demand.

Lighting the way to greater sustainability

The 2014 edition of Deloitte's Global Automotive Consumer Study found an increasing number of new and prospective auto buyers - particularly young people - were considerably interested in owning sustainable vehicles, and were willing to pay extra for it. "Greening" a vehicle, however, isn't about a single process but instead requires boosting efficiency in several areas.

LEDs are used more often in automobile headlights, taillights and for other lighting now than in years past, as consumers and automakers alike realize their greater performance and energy efficiency when compared to traditional halogens. For everything to run smoothly in individual diodes that small, interconnects have to be made in the most delicate manner possible. Coining components ensure that positive-negative junctions have the necessary conductivity and stability to provide the brightness and the reduced battery usage that both help drivers and passengers be safer.

Lighting, however, isn't the only area of sustainability that AMETEK ECP components contribute to. Our busbars are used in hybrid and fully electric vehicles alike for both current collection and power inversion functions, at the effectiveness levels required for green vehicles to be worthwhile investments for automakers and consumers alike.

automotive applications

Microstamping for delicate functions

From dashboard indicators to starter circuits, every electronic part of a car needs to perform to its fullest potential to keep occupants safe, even in areas of the body where design factors make it necessary for components to fit into tight spaces. Metal microstampings manufactured by Coining provide the ideal raw material for many of these parts, in a wide variety of metals to meet the whole gamut of customer needs. Also, our metallurgists can create stampings according to shape requirements that are simple, complex or anything in between.

coining microstampings

Primarily, microstampings use our Kovar, Silvar or Silvar-K alloys, with the latter two being particularly useful because they blend the high-heat tolerance of silver with the flexibility of Kovar or Invar. We also incorporate tungsten, molybdenum and copper, with gold and nickel sometimes used for certain plating purposes

The components resulting from our precision manufacturing processes find their way into numerous vital auto functions, as covers, heat sinks, jumper chips, terminals and many other parts. All design and fabrication takes place in-house, and our engineers conduct several analyses of stamped components to ensure the quality control necessary for creating microelectronics used in truly safe modern vehicles.


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