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Our Story

AMETEK Electronic Components and Packaging - Coining Building
Responding quickly, precisely, and efficiently to our customers' needs... YES, We Do! 

COINING manufactures solder preforms and brazing preforms, including popular gold tin preforms, that are used for joining applications in microelectronics packaging and assembly.

We are the largest solder preform manufacturer in the world, as measured by both sales volume and units shipped. COINING has the most extensive library of solder preform dies in the industry, with about 15,000 different tools on the shelf, ready to make your parts.

COINING also is a leading producer of gold, aluminum and copper bonding wire as well as jumper chips, bonding pads, tabs, heat sinks, lead frames, solder spheres and cover assemblies for the microelectronics industry. Our small Kovar™, molybdenum, copper, tungsten and clad stamped parts, often packaged in tape and reel configuration or in waffle packs, are used by many customers throughout the world.

We operate from facilities in Montvale, New Jersey and Penang, Malaysia, serving 1,000+ customers in more than thirty countries around the world since 1965. After 46 years of private ownership, we were acquired by AMETEK, Inc. in May 2011.

Our customers enjoy exceptionally fast lead-times, reliable on-time deliveries, right-the-first-time-and-every-time quality and outstanding customer service on solder preforms and other wire and stamped products, from quotation request until order fulfillment.