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COINING manufactures solder preforms and brazing preforms, including popular gold tin preforms, that are used for joining applications in microelectronics packaging and assembly. COINING also is a leading producer of gold, aluminum and copper bonding wire as well as jumper chips, bonding pads, tabs, heat sinks, lead frames, solder spheres and cover assemblies for the microelectronics industry.

No matter where you are in the world, COINING can get product to you quickly.    And because we control the entire process, from alloying to fabrication to quality control, we get it right the first time and every time.

COINING Operational Excellence
Typically, we respond to a request for quotation within a single business day. It is not uncommon for us to ship within a few days after the order is received, so the samples of standard shapes or those from open tooling list can be in your hands within two weeks. Prototypes of custom shapes involving special tooling take a little longer if the application is particularly challenging.

We can work with a wide variety of brazing and soldering alloys. We are most commonly called upon to manufacture with alloys of gold, silver, lead, tin, zinc, antimony, copper, indium, iron, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten and Kovar™. We are also comfortable with special alloys such as those including germanium, palladium and platinum. Even alloys including additives of gallium, silicon and phosphorus are processed on a routine basis. We are always willing to work with a new alloy, even if a limited quantity is needed.
Quality Control
Our fully-staffed and highly-trained quality control department is always striving to ensure that you receive the finest part. Our tight in-process controls allow us to consistently strive for zero defects. We purchase only from those suppliers with the proven capability of providing quality product on time. Incoming inspection is done on all raw materials and analytical are required and available to you upon request.

Our quality policy is "COINING Inc. will produce and deliver quality products on-time while pursuing continuous improvement efforts and providing customer service which meets or exceeds our customer’s requirements and expectations."
Contact Information:
Tel: +1 201 791 4020
15 Mercedes Drive
Montvale, NJ  07645